Premier Plastic Model Kits
Discontinued kits. Scale 1/32.
These kits were manufactured in the late '50's or early '60's and have been out of production (OOP) for many years.
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Ford A 1903
Ford T 1910
Stanley Steamer 1909
Packard 1900
Cadillac Type Model 1903
1909 Stanley Steamer
1910 Model T Ford
1903 Model A Ford
2 models of yesterday and today  
1910 Model T Ford and Ford Thunderbird
2.. cars in one
kit #533-129
not in stock

4 Old Timer Gift Set
Kit # 180-298
1900 Packard, 1903 Cadillac, 1903 Stanley Steamer, 1910 Ford Model T
not in stock
  5 Old Timer Gift Set
11903 Model A Ford, 1900 Packard, 1903 Cadillac,
1903 Stanley Steamer, 1910 Ford Model T
box is excellent, Stanley is missing, Ford A is started
Old Time Autos
3 complete models
1907 Mack 7 Ton Truck 1907 Mack 7 Ton Truck
Kit # 1263-98
chrome parts, instructions
not in stock
1907 Mack 7 Ton Truck built by Blair Stewart  


Premier kits. ( by Dave Deyo)

They are not from the Revell/Gowland&Gowland molds. There are small subtle differences in the fenders, some detail parts and the bodies themselves. They are cheap imitations of the four similar Revell Action Miniature kits. What is really unusual is that there is no dating on anything, not the box, nor the instructions or the cars, and the cars have no brand name engraved in the mold work. The quality of every piece is inferior to any other car that followed the G&G kits. The box art almost makes them worth having, however. It seems they spent more time designing the box than making the molds.


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