Rosebud Kitmaster Train kits
Discontinued. Hard to find.
OO Gauge    HO scale

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Italian Tank  by Rosebud Kitmaster Italian Tank not in stock
New York Central Hudson by Rosebud Kitmaster New York Central Hudson not in stock
Diesel Electric not in stock
Prairie Tank not in stock
Stirling 8tt Single by Rosebud Kitmaster Stirling 8tt Single not in stock
arly American General by Rosebud Kitmaster Early American General not in stock
Harrow" Schools Class by Rosebud Kitmaster "Harrow" Schools Class not in stock
Class 9200 "Evening Star" by Rosebud Kitmaster Class 9200 "Evening Star"
The last locomotive for British Railways
English Electric Deltic Diesel by Rosebud Kitmaster English Electric Deltic Diesel not in stock
Biggin Hill" Battle of Britain Class by Rosebud Kitmaster "Biggin Hill" Battle of Britain Class not in stock
B.R. Mogul Class 7600 by Rosebud Kitmaster B.R. Mogul Class 7600 not in stock
Stephenson's Rocket by Rosebud Kitmaster Stephenson's Rocket not in stock
Corridor Brake 2 Green by Rosebud Kitmaster Corridor Brake 2 Green 50.00
Baureihe 23 by Rosebud Kitmaster Baureihe 23
Deutsche Bundesbahn
not in stock
 by Rosebud Kitmaster Coronation Class
"Duches of Gloucester"
Complete, Box C9
not in stock
  Crocodile by Rosebud Kitmaster Crocodile
box has one tear
not in stock
  English Electric Deltic Diesel
by Dapol
  Refrigerator Van
by Dapol

Holland Plastic Model Kits
All former Kitmaster Rose Bud molds

Prairie tank 1/87  
City of Truro 1/87
G.W.R. "City" Class 4-4-0 Locomotive

Evening Star
This is an old Airfix H0 scale model kit. It is a limited production and is series 5 called "Evening Star". It is 100% complete and in mint unused condition. It has the directions, decals, parts on all the trees

B.R. "Schools" Class Locomotive

Saddle Tank 0-6-0


Biggin Hill
British Rail (southern Region) "Battle of Britain"Class Locomotive


British Railways
Series 2



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